AG Scientific, Inc. was founded in 1997 with the idea that excellent product sourcing, competitive pricing and high-quality service with a human touch was possible in the life science industry. We are focused on advancing drug development via innovative biochemicals for pre-clinical research, as well as custom raw materials for diagnostic test development. Download a brochure here!

We have maintained an ISO 9001 certified facility since 2005 and are now ISO 13485 certified effective August 2020.. We are committed to handling your projects with integrity, efficiency, and privacy.

AG Scientific is the one sourcing ally that simplifies and expedites fulfillment processes, because we fuse quality control and transparency, with a human touch, unlike overextended organizations.

AG Scientific Capabilities


The Problem We Solve

Due to consolidation, our industry has gotten away from personalized service that works to efficiently source products that are needed for scientific discoveries. At the same time, the speed of innovation is accelerating. Advancements in science are on an exponential curve.

We know you need the highest quality product sourcing at competitive prices. Your job is to create scientific breakthroughs. The more time you spend sourcing, working through complex ordering systems, or waiting, the less time you’re spending on your research outcomes.

Our driving purpose is to apply our sourcing expertise to supply the products you need—efficiently, effectively, resourcefully, all with a personal touch.


We exist to be your sourcing ally in limitless life science discovery.

AG Scientific Team



Our Pledge to Serve You

  • We will listen to your requirements and be extremely responsive to your needs. Comprehensive customer service, communication, and accountability will take place at all phases of your project.
  • We take great pride returning to a true level of customer responsiveness that has become rare in our industry.
  • We will focus on serving you with personalized interactions: You’ll get a real person on the phone or video conference to handle your needs promptly.
  • We will work to ensure you are 100% comfortable in our partnership.
  • We will employ the highest quality standards to ensure the utmost accuracy, including care in our sourcing and packaging of your products with on-time delivery.
  • You will be consistently informed of the status of your project so that you can confidently and effectively communicate with your organization.

AG Sci: Chip Lindgren (CEO, Founder)  AG Scientific Promise

With Grattitude,


Chip Lindgren

CEO, Founder

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