AgaPure™ Agarose LE (Standard Agarose)

  • CAS:9012-36-6
  • Appearance:White, fine, homogeneous, free flowing

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AgaPure™ Agarose LE (Standard Agarose)
500 g


AgaPure™ Agarose LE (Standard Agarose) is a high quality and extremely pure agarose with very low interference binding to staining reagents which produces a low background and high contrast appearance after staining.

It is a neutral polysaccharide which is obtained in many purification steps from the cell wall of certain algae and red algae. Standard agarose forms very clear gels with all standard running buffers and will result in a sharp and clear separation of your biomolecules.


Advantages & Features

• Performance Enhanced: thanks to its high purity and reliability with reduced error rates
• Highest Quality: free of DNase, RNase, electrically neutral and biologically inert
• Safe: due to the absence of toxicity
• Exceptional Clarity: improves transparency and visualization, even at high concentrations
• Reliable and Easy Handling: thanks to its spectacular mechanical resistance
• Fast Results: quick gel preparation by simple dilution



• DNA/RNA separation > 1Kb
• Analytical and preparative electrophoresis
• Excellent for all blotting applications
• Excellent for DNA typing
• Exceptionally low background of staining agents
• Protein electrophoresis such as radial immunodiffusion



• Moisture: ≤ 7%
• Ash: ≤ 0.4%
• Low EEO: 0.05 – 0.13
• Sulfate: ≤ 0.1%
• Clarity 1.5 % (NTU): ≤ 3
• Gel Strength 1% (g/cm2): ≥ 1200
• Gel Strength 1.5 % (g/cm2): ≥ 2500
• Gelling Temperature 1.5 % (°C): 36 ± 1.5
• Melting Temperature 1.5 % (°C): 88 ± 1.5
• DNAse/ RNAse activity: None detected
• DNA resolution ≥ 1000 bp: Finely resolved
• Gel background: Very low
• EC number: 232-731-8


*Developed and manufactured by Canvax Biotechnology, S.L under contractual agreement for AG Scientific, Inc.

More Information
Alternate Name/Synonyms
Chemical Name
Gelling polysaccharide derived from agar-agar
White, fine, homogeneous, free flowing
Stable under normal conditions
Storage Temp
Room temperature (20 – 24°C). Long-term storage may also be done at 4–8°C. Protect from moisture. Light Sensitive.
DNA/RNA separation > 1 Kb, analytical and preparative electrophoresis, all blotting applications, DNA typing, protein electrophoresis such as radical immunodiffusion
Non-hazardous. Protect from moisture. Light Sensitive.
Shelf Life
24 months from the date of purchase, if it is properly stored.
Certificate of Analysis 1
Certificate of Analysis 2
HandlingNon-hazardous. Protect from moisture. Light Sensitive.
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