Alamethicin F50

  • CAS:56165-93-6
  • Formula:C92H151N23O24
  • MW:1963.4
  • Appearance:Off-white solid
  • Purity:>98% by HPLC
Product Name Qty
Alamethicin F50
2.5 mg
Alamethicin F50
10 mg
*Please inquire the availability for this product. Alamethicin F50 is a neutral linear peptaibol complex with potent antibiotic activity, containing 20 “amino acids” with acetyl and phenylalaninol termini, produced by Trichoderma sp.. Alamethicin F50 acts an ionopohore, transporting ions through membranes and artificial lipid membranes. Alamethicin F50 forms voltage-dependent ion channels in lipid bilayer membranes. Alamethicin F50 is co-produced with an acidic linear peptaibol complex (alamethicin F30). Alamethicin itself is a variable mixture of the acidic and neutral components. In general, reports on alamethicin do not specify the ratio of F50 to F30 in the complex and comparative data between the complexes is scant.
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