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Our high-purity enzyme products are reliable for all applications of scientific research and are used in industries ranging from drug discovery to molecular biology. Our enzymes assist in research and discovery including Microarray studies and cDNA cloning applications.

Understanding the specificity of each enzyme aids in the application within each industry. One of our most popular enzymes is Proteinase K, which is sought for effectiveness on native proteins and its ability to isolate native genomic DNA and RNA. Our Beta-Lactamase breaks down the structure of certain antibiotics and can be used to test the sterility of blood cultures as well as other drugs. These and other popular enzymes such as RNase A are part of our growing product line of enzymes for scientific research and to help accelerate advancement in a wide range of applications and industries.


Enzymes are biological molecules that serve as catalysts for chemical reactions within cells. Almost every metabolic process at the cellular level requires enzyme catalysis. Enzymes cause and accelerate biochemical reactions on other molecules or substrates, changing them or even converting them into new or different molecules, often referred to as products. While most enzymes are proteins, a few are RNA molecules or ribozymes.

These biological molecules play an important role in the development and advancement of medical, diagnostic, and molecular research. Enzymes can catalyze several thousand different reactions, but they also have a high level of specificity and selectivity. Within different research applications, the quality of specificity allows for the isolation and observation of specific enzyme reactions both biologically and chemically. Enzymes can be used throughout the scientific community for treatment and drug development. Diagnostic enzymes, for example, can be used to help identify different diseases and cancers due to their selectivity in reacting only with specific substrates.

Enzymes are unique in their ability to cause a reaction while remaining unchanged, although they can be inhibited by other molecules and foreign substances, and are slowed when not within optimal pH and temperature levels. High temperatures can even cause denaturing of the enzymes. This particular balance requires enzymes for scientific research to be of superior quality and purity.


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  1. Achromopeptidase (≥1,000 units/mg)
    Achromopeptidase (≥1,000 units/mg)

    Starting at $123.00

  2. Cellulase RS [Onozuka RS]
    Cellulase RS [Onozuka RS]

    Starting at $101.22

  3. Cellulase [Onozuka R-10]
    Cellulase [Onozuka R-10]

    Starting at $78.26

  4. Guanidine Thiocyanate
    Guanidine Thiocyanate

    Starting at $46.04

  5. Guanidine Thiocyanate 6M Solution
    Guanidine Thiocyanate 6M Solution

    Starting at $245.00

  6. Lysozyme

    Starting at $35.70

  7. Lysozyme, Purified, Salt-Free
    Lysozyme, Purified, Salt-Free

    Starting at $48.13

  8. Lyticase 100T, Yeast Lytic Enzyme
    Lyticase 100T, Yeast Lytic Enzyme

    Starting at $208.56

  9. Lyticase 20T, Yeast Lytic Enzyme
    Lyticase 20T, Yeast Lytic Enzyme

    Starting at $160.43

  10. Proteinase K (Recombinant), Molecular/PCR Grade
    Proteinase K (Recombinant), Molecular/PCR Grade

    Starting at $39.00

  11. Proteinase K Solution 20 mg/mL (Recombinant), Molecular/PCR Grade
    Proteinase K Solution 20 mg/mL (Recombinant), Molecular/PCR Grade

    Starting at $127.24


11 Items

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