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AG Scientific offers high-purity Chemical Inhibitors

Chemical inhibitors are an important aspect in future advancements in research and medicine. AG Scientific offers high purity chemical inhibitors that are extremely reliable for a variety of life science research. There are several types of protease and phosphatase inhibitors offered at AG Scientific. A few include Pepstatin A, PMSF and a variety of phosphatase inhibitor cocktails.

There are also several Turbocharged Inhibitor Cocktails to choose from. The Turbocharged Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail provides total protection in one cocktail from phosphatases. The Turbocharged Protease + Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail provides protection from both phosphatases and proteases in one cocktail. There are also EDTA-Free Turbocharged Protease Inhibitor Cocktails and EDTA-Free Turbocharged Protease + Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktails.

AG Scientific offers inhibitors for life science research that are available in a variety of formats. These include solids, solutions, animal-origin free as well as the EDTA-free options. It's important to note that these products are for research only, and should not be consumed. Contact AG Scientific for a wide selection of high quality inhibitors.


Inhibitor Applications

Inhibitors are agents that disrupt or interfere with enzyme activity. They can target proteins, block specific actions and identify the mechanisms of different diseases. Inhibitors are used to understand how enzymes react and to define a metabolic pathway. They are either reversible or irreversible.

A variety of inhibitor compounds, or cocktails, are often used to make sure that proteins don't degrade too quickly. Depending on the research, the experiment may need a single inhibitor or a specialized mixture.

While there are a variety of applications for inhibitors, they are often used to fight disease. They are specifically toxic to particular bacteria that are necessary to a pathogen's survival. Drug development depends on the identification and optimization of drugs that are effective in inhibiting particular enzyme targets. Therefore, inhibitors play a crucial role in a variety of drug development and antibiotic research.

Inhibitors are also used in protein purification studies. Protease inhibitors are chemical or biological and work by binding to the protease. A few types of protease inhibitors include leupeptin, pepstatin, or EDTA. Choosing the correct inhibitor plays a crucial role in the success of many types of experiments and research. Protease inhibitor cocktails reduce the chance of pipetting and human error since they only require one solution instead of multiple solutions. They are reliable and have extensive reproducibility. These types of cocktails come in both solid and solution forms.


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  1. 17-DMAG

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    AG 1498

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    Anacardic Acid

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