Caspases are a type of cysteine protease closely linked to the process of apoptosis (cell self-destruction). Caspase antibody detects endogenous levels of full length target caspase and the large fragment of caspase resulting from cleavage. AG scientific provides monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to Caspase -1, -2,-3,-5, -6, -8, -9, -12, and -14.

AG Scientific can ship FedEx directly to your lab, from small-scale to bulk orders. Our leadership in bulk supply allows us to provide custom product packaging and create multiple product forms. We offer “just in time” delivery, private labeling, and custom formulations for specific research needs.


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  1. Antiserum to Capsase-9 (Active)
    Antiserum to Capsase-9 (Active)

    Starting at $326.27

  2. Antiserum to Caspase-1 (Purified)
    Antiserum to Caspase-1 (Purified)

    Starting at $367.06

  3. Antiserum to Caspase-12 (NT) (Purified)
    Antiserum to Caspase-12 (NT) (Purified)

    Starting at $0.00

  4. Antiserum to Caspase-3 (Active, Purified)
    Antiserum to Caspase-3 (Active, Purified)

    Starting at $477.77

  5. Antiserum to Caspase-5
    Antiserum to Caspase-5

    Starting at $227.23

  6. Antiserum to Caspase-9 (Human)
    Antiserum to Caspase-9 (Human)

    Starting at $402.02


6 Items

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