Bapta-FF (AM)

B -1083
  • MW:766
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BAPTA-FF(AM) is a membrane-permeable difluorinated derivative of BAPTA (acetoxymethyl ester). When hydrolyzed by cytosolic esterases, it becomes trapped in cell. BAPTA itself is now used essentially for buffering calcium, but the lower affinity fluoro derivatices-difluoro and tetrafluoro(BAPTA FF) have been a good source for studying high concentration of calcium using F NMR. 

Attached are a few published references from researchers who have used our BAPTA-FF (AM) product. We respectfully thank them for their trust in our product. Inquire for a full reference list. 

More Information
B -1083
Molecular Weight
Soluble in DMSO or Dilute Aqueous Acid.
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