1. What are Biomarkers?

    Biomarkers are substances, structures, or processes that can be measured in biological samples such as urine, blood, or saliva. A biomarker is a measurable characteristic in a biological system that changes due to disease, exposure to chemicals, or exposure to organisms.
  2. 9 Tips Influencing Successful Puromycin Gene Transfection

    Puromycin is an aminonucleosidic antibiotic. Puromycin is a protein synthesis inhibitor by inhibiting translation. Puromycin’s main function is used in cell biology as a selective antibiotic agent in cell culture systems.
  3. 32 anti-angiogenesis foods & science

    Blood vessels, literally the lifelines in our bodies, are essential to delivering the nutrients our organs need to survive. A term commonly referred to as angiogenesis. But angiogenesis also has a deadly side effect: they can also feed cancerous growths.
  4. FK-506, Tacrolimus 20 things you need to know!

    A.G. Scientific is a leading supplier of the immunosuppressant, FK-506 commonly known as Tacrolimus. It is well known for its ability to prevent allograft rejection after transplantation.FK 506 resized 600 A.G.Scientific has long been established as a leading research supplier in the field of fermentation derived secondary metabolites.
  5. Adapt or die: BIOTECHNOLOGY

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin YOUNG CHARLES DARWIN Adapt or Die! This is lesson #1 to any biotechnology / biopharmaceutical company. I founded A.G. Scientific thinking I would build my business on the back of the newest innovative biochemicals available in the marketplace.

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