It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin


Adapt or Die!

This is lesson #1 to any biotechnology / biopharmaceutical company. I founded A.G. Scientificthinking I would build my business on the back of the newest innovative biochemicals available in the marketplace. Published in the most esteemed journals, like Science, Nature, and New England Journal of the most respected scientists, in their respected fields of research. Only one Problem, They were the Pioneers! The scientific leaders! The early adopters were not yet there, let alone the main stream scientists. I needed customers TODAY not three years from today. In June 1997, it forced me to very early re-evaluate my business model and make critical adaptations to ensure short term successes while retaining our longer term corporate goals. This was first and most important lesson I would learn.

My advantageA.G. Scientific was a smaller manufacturing & distribution company, much smaller than many of my competitors. A.G. Scientific was agile and I identified the need adapted and developed a supply stream to meet a need. I saw that there was a opportunity for a company that could supply a solution to the expanding number of researchers working in the field of gene selection. AG identified its strength, a passion & desire to excel, then chose to become a leader in fermentation and synthesis of Antibiotics. Once the decision was made I focused the companies attention on the glamorous world of antibiotics and looked to provide material for not only researchers but on larger catalog companies that typically do not focus on niche markets. Today our line of Antibiotic materials numbers over 160 and they are available in research volumes 5-10mg or in bulk 500g to multiple kilos. Our customers are spread worldwide and our scientists are excited about the opportunities to develop the even harder to synthesis materials like Nitrocefein & Lab friendly pre-packed or non-toxic format materials.

I have also taken the time to organize all our Antibiotics by functionality and created a quick easy to skim E-Guide to Antibiotics. This hyper-linked E-Guide allows you to instantly find out more information about: price, functionality, purity, stability and availability on any material. To download this free Antibiotic E-Guide from A.G. Scientific click here: