Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktails, Ready Made Formulations

Invasive phosphatases can contaminate research samples and slow or halt research progress, rendering time-consuming and expensive work useless. Phosphatase inhibitor cocktails are a unique series of enzyme inhibitors that knock out specific phosphatases to avoid peptide bond hydrolysis and subsequent protein destruction.

Phosphatases play an important role in many signal transduction pathways, as the addition or removal of a phosphate group can activate or de-activate an enzyme, or allow a particular protein-protein interaction. Phosphatase inhibitors vary in function, targeting specific unwanted phosphatases to prevent their activity. Phosphatase inhibitors are vital to scientists engaged in proteomic research, protein expression, characterization, protein modification, protein profiling, and quantitative measurement of proteins to prevent destructive protein degradation. See phosphatase inhibitor, Calyculin A.

Combinations of inhibitors in cocktail form can selectively target particular contaminants. Inhibitor cocktails are available for the following:

  • specific serine/threonine phosphatases
  • acid phosphatases
  • alkaline phosphatases
  • PP-1, PP-2a and protein tyrosine phosphatase

AG Scientific maintains a selection of standard inhibitor cocktails in stock, and has the expertise to prepare custom formulations.

Benefits of AG Scientific's Inhibitor Cocktails

Effectiveness. Researched in detail using HPLC studies, substrate-based studies, and more. Optimized to maximize the effectiveness of each individual inhibitor within the complex mixture of these inhibitor cocktails.

Stability. Studied and optimized to increase stability and shelf life. In general are stable for a few years.

Specificity. Designed to provide a comprehensive selection of specific cocktail formulations. Using fewer inhibitors avoids unnecessary contamination due to unwanted inhibitors and keeps costs lower. We also offer cocktails for animal tissue extracts, a431 or Jurkat cells.

Cost. Pricing 20-50% lower than similar competitor products available in the market.

Form. Lyophilized solids allow instantaneous dissolution. Liquids based on mode-of-action and solubility properties make them readily available for instantaneous inhibitory action with target enzymes. Competitors' products such as compressed tablets require time, effort and undesired delay for dissolution.

Quality. Consistent high quality, making your application results highly reproducible. ISO 9001:2008 approved facility.

Customization: Don't see the exact combination you require? We regularly produce unique inhibitor combinations in a variety of sizes. Inquire with your special requirements and we'll employ our extensive experience in creating the ideal custom inhibitor cocktail.