Staurprimde is a semi-synthetic analog of the staurosporine family of indolocarbazoles. The study conducted by Zhu, et al (2009) found Stauprimide increases efficiency of directed Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) differentiation. Stauprimide promoted induction of Sox17 / Sox 7 cells in both mouse and human ESC, and also helped induce extensive endoderm differentiation markers in the mouse ESC. Early stauprimide treatment was found to enhance later differentiation of the cells toward hepatic and pancreatic lineages. Additionally the study shows Staurpimide binds NME2, impairing nuclear localization of NME2, down-regulating c-Myc. Research indicates, this down-regulation of c-Myc may facilitate ESC exit from the pluripotent state, enabling differentiation.

  • Alternative Names: N-Benzol-7-oxostaurosporine; Spd, EMT Inducer
  • Chemical Formula: C35H28N4O5
  • Molecular Weight: 584.6 Da
  • CAS #: 154589-96-5
  • Effective Concentration: (EC50 = 0.3 µM)
  • Appearance: White solid/powder, color range of yellow to white.
  • Solubility: DMSO (20 mg/ml); may also be soluble in Ethanol, DMF, Methanol. Poor solubility in water. Rapid stirring, sonication, or warming via water bath may aid in solubilzing the product.
  • Storage: Store at -20ºC recommended, solutions -20ºC. Protect from light.


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  1. Stauprimide, Streptomyces sp., | CAS[154589-96-5] | Semi-synthetic
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