AEBSF or 4-(2-Aminoethyl) benzenesulfonyl fluoride hydrochloride is a water-soluble, irreversible serine protease inhibitor with a molecular weight of 239.5 Da. It inhibits proteases like chymotrypsin, kallikrein, plasmin, thrombin, and trypsin. The specificity is similar to the inhibitor PMSF, nevertheless, AEBSF is more stable at low pH values. Typical usage is 0.1 - 1.0 mM. AEBSF is used as a protease inhibitor in the processing and characterization of biological samples for proteomic and/or biomarker discovery endeavors.

What is a Biomarker?

A biomarker is a measurable characteristic of a biological system that changes due to disease, exposure to chemicals, or exposure to organisms. It can be measured in biological samples such as urine, blood, or saliva.

What are they used for?

Biochemical biomarkers are often used in diagnostic testing where they are derived from bodily fluids that are easily available to the early phase researchers. They can also be used at any point in the diagnostic chain, at the molecular, cellular, or organ level.

Why are they important?

Biomarkers have always been important in clinical development and provide the most practical means of demonstrating that a candidate drug is safe and effective in a disease target population. Biomarkers are often cheaper, easier & faster to measure. They have proven to be cost-effective and reliable for the purpose of monitoring, developing, and predicting efficacies for both drugs and vaccines.

Are Biomarkers Safe?

Current regulations permit the FDA to base the approval of a drug on a determination of the effect the drug has on a validated surrogate marker. Surrogate endpoints are markers of biological mechanisms (i.e., biomarkers) that predict a clinical benefit, substitute for a clinical endpoint, and provide a mechanistic view on diseases (i.e., direct measurement of how a patient feels, functions, or survives). Randomized, blinded, controlled clinical trials with definitive endpoints represent the gold standard¬Ě by which new vaccines and drugs are judged.