1. Elastatinal, [51798-45-9], Highly specific inhibitor of elastase-like serine proteases1. Elastatinal can also be used as an inhibitor for thermitase, a thermostable serine protease from Thermoactinomyces vulgaris, and for macroglobulin-protease complexes. Elastatinal inhibits the proteolytic activity of poliovirus and rhinovirus 2A proteinases in vitro as well.elastatinal serine protease of the elastase familygif resized 600
  2. Additionally, elastatinal has no effect on DNA repair and UV-induced sister chromatid exchanges, and inhibits the cleavages found at Ala-Ala bonds in peptides that represent the capsid/nucleocapsid site. Elastatinal is an irreversible inhibitor of neutrophil and rat microglia Elastase2,3.
  3. Elastatinal will be shipped at room temperature. Information about product specific storage conditions will be found on the vial. Stock solutions should be stored at -20°C. Please avoid repeated freezing and thawing by preparing aliquots.

Technical Information

  1. Appearance:
Yellow to Off-White Powder
  1. Chemical Formula:
  1. Molecular Weight:
  1. CAS#
  1. Physical State:
  1. Activity (IC50):
0.1mg/ml at 1.0mg/ml
  1. Solubility:
Soluble in water (10 mM). This product is soluble in water (20 mg/ml). It has been reported to also be soluble in methanol, pyridine, and dimethyl sulfoxide, and slightly soluble in ethanol.  Alkaline solutions are unstable.
  1. Solution Preparation:
A working solution of 10-100 ¼M in water is stable for several hours. A stock solution of 10 mM in water is stable for 1 week at 4º C and for months at -20º C.4
  1. Storage:
Store desiccated for short term storage at +4°C. For long term storage, store at -20°C. PROTECT FROM LIGHT!
  1. Density:
1.48 g/cm3
  1. Refractive Index:
n20D 1.64
  1. RTECS:
  1. PubChem CID:
  1. EC Number:
  1. Beilstein Registry:
  1. pKa:
3.7 and >10.5
  1. λ max:
275 nm, 298 nm
  1. Extinction coefficient:
1%= 1.5 (0.1 N HCl), 2.5 (0.1 M phosphate, pH 7.0)


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1. H. Umezawa, T. Aoyagi, A. Okura, H. Morishima, T. Takeuchi and Y. Okami, J. Antibiotics, 26, 787(197)

2. Okura, A., et al., J. Antibiotics, 28, 337 (1975).

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