The ongoing discovery of disease-specific biomarkers is driving the demand for reliable antibodies to facilitate research in the biomedical field. Molecular biomarkers help to accelerate our understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of diseases. Cell-specific biomarkers play an important role in disease diagnosis, monitoring, prognosis and therapy with the added potential to identify individuals susceptible to disease.

Over the past two decades, AG Scientific has continued to recognize the potential of biomarkers and we take pride in our history. Today we feature the world's largest range of proteomic biomarker stabilization & preservation reagents in the marketplace. Over the years, we have worked to develop the ideal combination of protease inhibitors for the immediate elimination of Proteolytic degradation. We have found this is absolutely essential for protein preservation while enhancing the long-term stability of these biomarkers.

With AG Scientific, you're not just partnering for the scaleable manufacturing of customizable biomarkers, but for the opportunity to leverage a tremendous level of experience and expertise demonstrated over the past 20 years. We have the ability to manufacture a vast range of different biomarkers within time and budget, including specific formulations for the cutting edge DPP-4 inhibitors, as well as, Proteases, Phosphatases, and Serine Proteases.

We offer over 30 ready-made formulations in stock, including customizable formulations for your specific biomarker. These highly specific antibodies are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including western blotting, ELISA and immunohistology.

Some of the benefits of AG Inhibitor Cocktails include:

Value. Optimized to maximize the effectiveness of each individual inhibitor within the complex formulation of our inhibitor cocktails.

Stability. Studied and optimized to increase stability and shelf life. In general, they can be stored for up to a few years.

Specificity. Scientifically engineered to provide a comprehensive selection of specific cocktail formulations. Using fewer inhibitors avoids unnecessary contamination due to unwanted inhibition and keeps costs lower. We also offer Animal-free, EDTA-free, and more customizable options for unique applications.

Cost. Our pricing is 20-50% lower that similar competitor products.

Quality. Consistent high-quality, making your diagnostic results highly reproducible. ISO 9001:2000 approved facility.

Form. Lyophilized solids allow instantaneous dissolution. The solubility properties and liquids-based delivery makes them available for instantaneous inhibitory action with target enzymes. Competitors' products, such as compressed tablets, require time, effort, and unwanted delay.

Customizable. If you don't see the exact combination of inhibitor cocktail you require, we regularly produce unique combinations in a variety of batch sizes, large and small. Inquire with your special requirements and we'll employ our extensive expertise to create the ideal formulation.

We invite you to discuss your specific requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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