One of the big ideas that emerged since the completion of the human genome project was molecular biomarkers. Scientists studying biomarkers associate them with human diseases and drug responses. Today, biomarkers are frequently used to target immunoassays for mark detection and quantitation of disease.

Molecular biomarkers could be particular kinds of cells (I.e. CD4 cells in HIV), specific molecules, or even genes activated in the presence of an environmental stress. In fact, the diagnostics landscape has evolved significantly since the first companion diagnostic test was launched to detect the overexpression of the HER2 gene in breast cancer.

Many of our partners in the industry work with us because our biomarkers have been scientifically engineered for optimal performance. Whether it is to support your clinical trial, diagnostic kit, assay, or research project, having strong analytical capabilities is the key to advancing your product into its next stage and beyond.

Our diagnostic biomarkers provide technicians with powerful tools that can be applied for targeted therapy. We provide a diverse clientele with a portfolio of biomarkers, protease inhibitors, and protein stabilizers to support your research or companion project. Custom orders can be filled for most proprietary or novel proteins within 2 weeks.

More importantly, A.G. Scientific guarantees the sensitivity and specificity of our biomarkers, eliminating costly risk in your developmental timeline. As leader in biomarker services since 1997, A.G. Scientific was founded with the purpose of Accelerating Sceintific Discoveryâ„¢ and is the ideal partner to take care of your bio-therapeutic needs.

Leveraging Gene Signatures


Rapid advances in the molecular biology techniques used to diagnose disease is enabling researchers to simultaneously interrogate multiple targets on a single platform.

These techniques have recently gained a foothold in clinical diagnostics, with an increasing variety of lab evaluations featuring some kind of high-throughput or genome-wide molecular investigation. Among them, the one with the greatest potential to revolutionize our approach to diagnosing disease and tailoring therapies is next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Testament to the significant interest in NGS is the increasing number of conferences completely dedicated to the theme. GTCBio recently held one such conference in San Diego this past June, called, Next-Generation Sequencing. Presenters showcased the application of NGS-based diagnostic platforms in a number of clinical settings.

Many of our customers are currently developing their very own high-throughput diagnostics platform using our biomarkers. Qiagen, for example, is developing a new assay in partnership with Eli Lilly, which can simultaneously analyze DNA and RNA biomarkers for certain types of cancer [1]. Another one of our clients, Illumina, is using our biomarkers within their line of micro-array products to analize gene expression, molecular diagnostics, and companion testing diagnostics for oncology [2].

Our approach comes from knowing our customer's needs are as diverse as their products. That's why, in addition to our 30 ready-made formulations of molecular biomarkers, we also offer customizable cocktails that can be configured to perform on a wide variety of bioassays quickly and accurately. Get started today!

Quality Commitment

Our biomarker solutions have helped our partners to move their products through the pipelines of discovery, from early pre-clinical and into commercial. A.G. Scientific will work with you no matter what stage, phase or development timelines you have. With transparency and open communication, we hope to establish long-lasting relationships with each one of our clients.


A.G. Scientific is a leading provider of biomarkers within the medical and biomedical industries for over 20 years. We have the experience, expertise, capacity, and flexibility to serve your laboratory needs.

Over the years, our experience and expertise have grown along with our clientele. Many of our biggest customers are developing diagnostic tests using our biomarkers in order to detect the presence of certain diseases or disorders.

  • Create Customizable Biomarkers

A.G. Scientific will deliver your own custom biomarker cocktail to support your laboratory's needs. We offer rapid turn-around on all custom orders with our same quality guarantee. We also offer EDTA-free, animal free, and other unique options. Inquire with your specific requirements!

  • Discover

Discover how our biomarkers can facilitate accurate inhibition of specific enzymes, which can influence the efficacy of your diagnostic results.

  • Clinical Trials

Our biomarker solutions enable you to begin modeling disease and disease-specific processes at the molecular level, which can help impact treatment outcomes for your clinical studies.

  • Customer Support

We are very proud to be part of this larger effort to improve medicine and the well-being of our society as a whole. Our clients can be confident that their projects are being handled in a comprehensive and confidential manner. Contact us with your specific need and let us dedicate our expertise to your project.





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[1] Qiagen Adds Cancer Biomarkers to Personalized Healthcare Pipeline. July 25, 2014. (Sept 10, 2014).

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