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Calcium Ionophores are an organic molecule that acts as a artificial carrier of calcium ions by forming an ion bridge across the membrane of an electrode. PubMed defines Ionophores as, “any chemical agent that increases the permeability of any biological or artificial lipid membrane to specified ions. After forming it's characteric decoupled ion complex, calcium ionophores exhibit intense UV absorption. Ionophores bind Ca2+ in the 7.0-9.5 pH range.

Many ionophores are antibiotics, but are unique in their ability to uncouple specific ions. First discovered in 1976, they were found with natural properties that allow it to disrupt normal electron transport by short-circuiting the proton gradient across mitochondrial membranes.


Calcium Ionophore Ca-1001 is used in the laboratory as an artificial calcium ion carrier that transports ions across a membrane.

While Ionophores act as an ion-exchanger between membrane channels, their main application is used as a fill solution in conductivity meters, specifically those used to detect calcium ions levels.

Due to its applications within a medical device, the electrode itself requires validation of that instrument before it can be used in manufacturing, research, testing and production processes.

Why is it better than Ionomycin?

The simple answer is its cost-factor. 1 mg of ionomycin can run upwards of $130 per milligram. The price for 1 mg of Ionophore varies, but generally 1 mg of Calcium Ionophore costs around $70.

There is also marked improvement reported as to the physical interaction between ions.

Unlike other electrodes that use universal filler solutions, calcium ionophores can only be used in ISE electrodes.

Can Calcium Ionophores improve clinical diagnostics?

Yes! Say, for example, you are feeling dehydrated, and so you go in for a check-up with your doctor. Your doc will need to know the Ca2+ levels in your blood first before advising your care. After removing a sample of your blood, any normal biochemical analyzer can take 5-6 minutes to record the results. But just as quickly, that same blood sample itself can change as certain factors and co-factors may become adjusted or degraded due to the changing environmental conditions within that particular sample.

Because ISE electrodes maintain selective permeability of the ion, they take less than one minute to get an answer on any particular sample. This near instantaneous reporting gives to doctors and hospitals the ability to improve their diagnostics capability, readability and the accuracy of results from blood work.

ISE electrodes come pre-programmed with an electrolyte panel designed to easily detect and measure conductivity.

Not only can Ionophores be used to detect electrolyte levels in the blood, they can also be used for the detection of malaria, metabolites, creatine, and lithium ion concentrations.


Here's a list of some of our other products that can be used in ion-select electrodes:

-Valinomycin electrode solution used to measure potassium (K+) ion concentrations.

-Calimycin (also called A23187) is a calcium Ionophore that increases the intracellular concentrations of Ca2+concentrations.

-Enniatin an Ionophore with effects on acyl-CoA cholesterol transferase

-Gramacidin A makes lipid membranes permeable to protons and alkali metals; in particular it induces a non-voltage dependent K+/H+ ion exchange in mitochondria.

-Nonactin selectively forms an artificial complex with ammonium, thallium, and potassium cations to carry them across lipid membranes.


AG Scientific delivers quality assured reagents directly to scientists, from small-scale to bulk orders. Our leadership in bulk supply allows us to provide custom product packaging and create multiple product forms. We offer just in time delivery, private labeling, and custom formulations for specific research needs.



Caroni P, Gazzotti P, Vuilleumier P, Simon W, Carafoli E. Ca2+ transport mediated by a synthetic neutral Ca2+ calcium ionophore in biological membranes. Biochim Biophys Acta. (3):437-45. (Nov 1, 1977). <>.


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