1. How did protein synthesis originate?

    The molecular maps that exist today, the ones that continually improve and become more accurate, already seems inextricably complex (See Also: New Tissue Atlas Shows Protein Distribution Within the Human Body). We have the concepts of DNA transcription down, and the events of translation are well understood. What can be difficult to imagine is how protein synthesis came to be in the first place when so many interlocking pieces are involved and required. Obviously these systems could not have worked without the apparatus already in place, so how did it all come about?
  2. Advantages of Labeling with A.G. Scientific Reagents

    A.G. Scientific, Inc. is excited to be able to offer our clients a large selection of fluorescent dyes, reagents and imaging kits useful in fluorescent microscopy, in situ hybridization, flow cytometry, multi-well assays, content screening, reporter assays, and many more.
  3. 3 Particularly Useful Biochemical Tools

    In addition to being a supplier of many important amino acids,enzymes and proteins, AG Scientific also sells many kinds of small molecules that have important and diverse biological functions.
  4. The Great, Late Vaccine Debate

    The transformation of human health in society by vaccines is probably one of the greatest achievements in science. At the moment, the most obvious and visible signs that the facts are not in clear alignment with the truths presented by science, is the great, late vaccine debate. For better or for worse, much of the public argument over whether vaccines...
  5. Weekly Product Feature: SP600125

    Some features and benefits include: 1. SP600125 is a new and potent selective inhibitor of JNK-1,-2, and -3 (Ki = 0.19 µM). When activated, SP600125 offers researchers an improved selectivity (>20 fold) to inhibition when compared to a range of other kinases and enzymes.
  6. Possible Drug Candidates for Parkinson's Disease Identified

    In the last post, we talked about the human protein map under development in Sweden. Here, we will proceed on this theme, but with a different kind of map, namely JNK-MAP Kinases or simply MAP Kinase. MAP Kinases are an important kind of cell signaling receptor.

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