Here are some cool science experiments whose results caught our attention! Maybe you can try some of these out at home.

Hydrogen + Fire = Boom
23 Extremely Freaky Chemical & Physical Reaction GIFs

What is happening: Hydrogen ignites on contact with a flame or spark, causing the hydrogen-filled balloon to explode vividly as seen in this gif. It is a reason why helium is now used in blimps instead of hydrogen.

DIY: We do not recommend you do this Cool Science gif!

Squirting Radon 220 into a Gas Chamber
23 Extremely Freaky Chemical & Physical Reaction GIFs

What is happening: Radon decays to polonium then lead, emmitting two alpha particles (helium-4 nuclei) creating the V-shaped trails.

DIY: Unfortunately, there is no tutorial available for this at the moment.

Magnetic Liquid Extremely Freaky Chemical & Physical Reaction GIFs

Ferrofluid is a magnetic substance that you can make a batch of yourself! This is done using ink toner, vegetable oil, and a rare Earth magnet which can be found at your local hardware store. There is a DIY for this one! Learn to do make some yourself from the video below.


Freeze Water Instantly

What is happening: Purified water can be chilled past freezing temperatures while staying liquid, as long as there is no nucleus for the ice crystal to form to (an impurity). The introduction of an ice crystal, as seen in the gif, causes a runaway freezing effect thoughout the supercooled water.


Hot Ice

What is happening: Sodium acetate (usually found in hand warmers) have the same runaway freezing effect supercooled water has when it comes into contact with ice. Crystals form and lets off heat when the solution becomes disturbed enough to have a point of nucleation. The solution can be poured onto a plate to form "hot ice" scultures.

DIY: click me

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