1. Diabetes Current Research 2016

    Diabetes Current Research 2016
    As diabetes increase medical costs for those affected, research continues to better understand this debilitating disease. Diabetes current research articles focus on various areas of the disease, such as neurogenesis and glucagon response. 5 Systems-wide experimental and modeling analysis of insulin signaling through FOXO1 in human adipocytes, normally and in type 2 diabetes FOXO1 signal regulation may contribute to insulin...
  2. Who's the Boss? - A LifeSciences Marketing Edition: Chris Conner

    Who's the Boss? - A LifeSciences Marketing Edition: Chris Conner
    The Director of Marketing @ ACP-LS, Chris Conner is also the very accommodating and tactful host of the Life Science Marketing Radio podcast and whose blog is a detailed resource for life science marketers to gain insight from. He took time out of his busy day to let us get to know him and ask him the questions below, sharing...
  3. Top 10 HIV Myths

    Top 10 HIV Myths
    For nearly 30 years, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) has been shrouded in myths and misconceptions. In some cases, these misconceptions have prompted the very behaviors that cause more people to become HIV-positive. Although various unanswered questions about HIV remain, researchers have learned a great deal that debunks the ever so prevalent myths surrounding HIV and...
  4. Cathepsins - FAQs

    Cathepsins - FAQs
    What are Cathepsins? Cathepsins are proteases, which degrade proteins, found in all animals and other organisms. There are about a dozen members of this family distinguished by their structure, catalytic mechanism, and which proteins they cleave. When do most members become activated? They are activated at low pH found in lysosomes. Where does Cathepsin activity take place? Almost entirely within...
  5. Top Recent HIV/AIDS Research Articles

    Top Recent HIV/AIDS Research Articles
    HIV/AIDS continues to be an epidemic amongst high risk populations. Here are the top current research articles on HIV and AIDS. Potential Clinical and Economic Value of Long-Acting Preexposure Prophylaxis for South African Women at High-Risk for HIV Infection Preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is one of the few preventative options available for young South African women of whom are at risk...
  6. 10 Myths about Diabetes

    10 Myths about Diabetes
    Here are the top myths about Diabetes, the 7th leading cause of death. Listed below are a couple of them that people seem to repeat to each other as facts, but are far different than the truth of the matter. Myth: You have to be overweight to develop diabetes; thin people don't get the disease. Fact: There's no doubt that obesity...
  7. Sugar Facts: Part 2

    Sugar Facts: Part 2
    Continuing from our last segment on sugar facts, here are more lesser known facts about sugar. Eliminating Sugars from Your Diet Is Not Necessary in Order to Lose Weight Because sugars are ingredients in junk food, it may be natural to suspect that they have a role in contributing to over-consumption and increased body weight. Conversely, high sugar intake is...
  8. Alzheimer's Disease Current Research & Press Releases (2016)

    Related: 2016 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures in the USA Top 10 Healthy Food Facts Alzheimer's Disease: The Tau Connection The Role of E-64D in Amyloid Plaque Prevention Exosome Biomarkers
  9. The Ultimate Guide to the Biosensors Market

    The Ultimate Guide to the Biosensors Market
    Biosensors have gained enormous attention in recent years in medicine and nanotechnology, where there is a growing interest in its application in tissue engineering. Since the development of the first oxygen biosensor by Lel and Clark in 1962, researchers in diverse fields have developed numerous biosensors for applications in medicine, biotechnology, and defense against bioterrorism, as well as foods, beverages...

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