1. Beta Lactamase Inhibitors in Research: Anti-Seizure

    Beta-lactam antibiotics contain a cyclic amide ring of which mimics the structure of the terminal amino acid residues comprising the peptidoglycan matrix. It is this structure that the enzyme beta lactamase acts upon as a method of antibiotic defense, hydrolyzing the ring and compromising the structure as a result. Structure and function are intrinsically related; without proper structure, the function...
  2. Oncologic Neurosurgery: My Awake Brain Surgery

    Oncologic Neurosurgery: My Awake Brain Surgery
    Photograph: CEO Chip Lindgren and Dr. Linda M. Liau (His Neurosurgeon.) In June 2001, our CEO Chip Lindgren suddenly found out he was diagnosed with oligodendroglioma brain cancer. He was able to buy time with world leading surgeons that have over watched breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology) and viral oncology research. Chip was one of the first to receive awake...

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