1. Lactate Oxidase in Food Industry

    Lactate Oxidase in Food Industry
    Lactic acid is an end product of Glycolysis under anaerobic conditions. There are 2 optically active stereoisomers of lactic acid: L-Lactic acid produced by muscles during anaerobic glycolysis and by most of the lactic acid bacteria. D-Lactic acid Produced by some bacteria, plants and algae. Lactate and lactic acid detection is very important in: Medicine Indicator of ischemia in critical care...
  2. 12 facts about Lactate Oxidase

    12 facts about Lactate Oxidase
    Lactate detection and quantification plays a vital role in healthcare, especially in conditions such as hemorrhage, sepsis, tissue hypoxia, respiratory failure and kidney failure. It also has a key role in sports medicine where it is essential in monitoring athletes. Lactate Oxidase is an enzyme which is predominantly used in the detection of Lactate. This has led to development of...

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