1. Pinacidil Monohydrate In Stem Cell Research

    Pinacidil Monohydrate In Stem Cell Research
    Pinacidil Monohydrate is a guanidine that opens potassium channels producing direct peripheral vasodilatation of arterioles. It has been used as a vasodilator drug to treat hypertension. Apart from the above-mentioned application Pinacidil Monohydrate has also been gaining recognition in the field of stem cell research. Pinacidil has been successfully used in enhancing survival of stem cells. Human embryonic stem cells...
  2. Applications of Carnosic Acid

    Applications of Carnosic Acid
    Carnosic acid is a plastidial catecholic diterpene found in herb extracts such as Rosemary, Sage and Oregano. Carnosic acid has anti oxidant and anti microbial properties. Carnosic acid is increasingly exploited within food, nutritional health and Veterinary Medicine. Medicine: Novel Neuroprotective Compound Carnosic Acid has potent antioxidant and potent neuroprotective activity. It has been suggested to be beneficial in prevention of...

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