1. Polyene Macrolide Antibiotics

    Polyene Macrolide Antibiotics
    It has been 60 years since the first report of erythromycin in 1952. Over the course of this 60 years the macrolide antibiotics—14- and 16-membered macrolactams—have been followed at intervals by the lincosamides, streptogramins, azalides and now the ketolides.
  2. Anthracyclines: Anti-Cancer Compounds

    Anthracyclines: Anti-Cancer Compounds
    Anthracyclines are anticancer compounds that were originally derived from Streptomyces and their anti-tumor activitieswere established in the 1960s. Anthracyclines are red aromatic polyketides and occur in variety of forms due to the structural differences in the aglycone and the different sugar residues attached.

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