1. Mitomycin C Applications in Life Sciences

    Mitomycin C Applications in Life Sciences
    Mitomycin C (C15H18N4O5) is a chemical product derived from Streptomyces caespitosus, an actinobacteria species. It appears as a blue-violet crystal or powder at room temperature. The product is soluble in water and rapidly degrades in acidic preparations. Healthcare researchers and scientists have studied and applied mitomycin C in cancer treatment for its antitumor properties. Mitomycin has become a popular chemotherapeutic...
  2. Importance of Enzyme Immobilization

    Importance of Enzyme Immobilization
    Although enzyme immobilization began over 100 years ago, it remains one of the most essential industrial technologies today. This is because immobilized enzymes are highly versatile and have a wide variety of potential applications. Also, the enzyme immobilization process has been slowly perfected over the years, making it much simpler, quicker, and efficient than ever before. This has served as...

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