1. Local Ebola Research Efforts

    Reports of Ebola had appeared to recede in the last few weeks; however the news of Dr. Martin Salia’s death in the US on Monday was a reminder that the fatal disease is very much still a threat to the entire world. President Barack Obama met with Congress on Tuesday to request $6.18 billion in order to fund research to fight the Ebola virus. In total there have been 10 patients treated for Ebola in the US to date, with 2 ending in death. This shows that when caught early and given the correct treatment, there is a good chance of recovery but increased funding is still crucial in order to contain the disease nationally and internationally.
  2. Aethlon's Dialyzer Removes Majority of Ebola from Blood

    Concern of spreading Ebola has been the hot topic in recent news. Latest reports on the disease involve the death of Dr. Martin Salia on Nov 17th 2014, a surgeon who contracted the virus whilst living in Sierra Leone, and who was flown to Nebraska to be treated.

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