1. Bottoms Up: Water Diagnostics and Testing Today

    Bottoms Up: Water Diagnostics and Testing Today
    Water Resources San Diego makes no bones about its most precious commodity - the sun! But what does it actually take to make this arid, Mediterranean-like place able to support so many? Well, it takes sun AND water. San Diego's faucets feed one of the highest per-capita water consumption rates in the nation, serving 1.3 million residents, 33 million visitors...
  2. WARNING! Herbal Medicine is not Always Safe

    Aristolochiaceae are a flowering plants family, with about 500 species. Other common names are birthworts, pipevines or dutchman's pipes. hese medicines are use as anti-inflammatory and slimming agents, diuretics and in the treatment of oedema, coughs, phlegm, wheezing, hypertension, dizziness, bleeding hemorrhoids, etc .

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