1. Detergents: Important Tools for Membrane Protein Purification

    Detergents: Important Tools for Membrane Protein Purification
    Membrane Proteins Proteins control almost all functions of a cell. Any mutation in protein structure or any issue hampering protein functionality can lead to abnormal cell processes, which can in turn result in disease. Therefore it is very important to meticulously learn and get a better understanding of proteins in order to find therapies for diseases plaguing humanity. Integral membrane...
  2. 18 Fast Facts about CHAPS Detergent

    18 Fast Facts about CHAPS Detergent
    1. What are Bio Detergents? Detergents are soluble amphiphilic molecules that are able to incorporate to liposomes and cell membranes. They are essential tools for the study of biological membranes, as they are frequently used to solubilize membrane proteins and to investigate the interactions among membrane lipid components.   2. What are the different types of biological detergents? Ionic detergents...
  3. Lactate Levels at your tattoo tips!

    Lactate Levels at your tattoo tips!
    To lead a healthy lifestyle it is essential to eat healthy and exercise regularly. People who exercise regularly would often reach a point during their workout session, where they feel extremely exhausted and could not carry on any further. Fatigue sets in when lactate (a form of Lactic acid) builds up in the muscles. Lactic acid is an end product...
  4. 12 facts about Lactate Oxidase

    12 facts about Lactate Oxidase
    Lactate detection and quantification plays a vital role in healthcare, especially in conditions such as hemorrhage, sepsis, tissue hypoxia, respiratory failure and kidney failure. It also has a key role in sports medicine where it is essential in monitoring athletes. Lactate Oxidase is an enzyme which is predominantly used in the detection of Lactate. This has led to development of...
  5. Who's the Boss? - Chip Lindgren

    Who's the Boss? - Chip Lindgren
    Who's the Boss? - Chip Lindgren Chip Lindgren has run AG Scientific, Inc. since founding it in 1995, and he has seen a lot over those 20+ years! In this Q&A, we ask the CEO what it's like to be the boss of a life science company in the 21st century. What made you want to start your own business...
  6. Dorsomorphin and SB-431542 New Reagents Now Available!

    When it comes to emerging fields of science, such as mechanobiology (the study of structural biology), having access to the newest biochemical reagents may be crucial part of your expermintal design. That's why one of the main services AG Scientific brings to the table is not only the latest in scientific research, but the latest in biochemical reagants, as well.
  7. Biomarkers and Molecular Imaging: Going Multimodal

    Biomarkers are indicators of specific biological processes occurring in vivo. Basically, they are things we can measure that let us keep track of something physiologically important. For example, the size of a tumor is a simple biomarker for cancer, and capillary density of plaques in blood vessel walls are biomarkers for atherosclerosis. The advent of molecular imaging lets us study biomarkers in a mostly noninvasive fashion in living animals, and for a small number of biomarkers, even in people. Imaging comes in many modalities, depending on the application; these include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), autoradiography and optical and ultrasound imaging. Here is a look at some important uses of molecular imaging and biomarkers today—as bioresearch tools with potential clinical value.
  8. Genomics and Cancer: The Search for a Cure

    Over the past two decades, dramatic progress has been made in many areas of medicine where hope once seemed out of reach. An infectious disease like HIV, considered intractable in the 1990s, is now controllable with anti-retroviral therapy; and the right combination of antibiotics can similarly control many difficult bacterial infections.

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