1. Fighting Biofilm Formation

    Fighting Biofilm Formation
    Biofilm consists of bacterial colonies that excrete a sticky organic texture. The colonies form when a thin layer of microorganisms and proteins adhere to a surface. They may appear as a slimy film on poorly maintained poolsides, river rocks, dishes, and countertops or, in smaller forms, may be invisible to the eye. Biofilm Formation Specifically, biofilms form when groups of...
  2. Daptomycin: Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

    Daptomycin: Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!
    For the last 15 years, A.G. Scientific has been a leading supplier of Daptomycin. We offer a range of catalog sizes, as well as, multi-kilogram quantities for bulk applications. Additionally, we provide a full service of bottling, sterile formulations, custom packaging, as well as, comprehensive private labeling capabilities.

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