1. Fighting Biofilm Formation

    Fighting Biofilm Formation
    Biofilm consists of bacterial colonies that excrete a sticky organic texture. The colonies form when a thin layer of microorganisms and proteins adhere to a surface. They may appear as a slimy film on poorly maintained poolsides, river rocks, dishes, and countertops or, in smaller forms, may be invisible to the eye. Biofilm Formation Specifically, biofilms form when groups of...
  2. Fidaxomicin for Life Science Research

    Fidaxomicin for Life Science Research
    Fidaxomicin (C52H74Cl2O18) is a member of the class of narrow spectrum macrocyclic antibiotics known as tiacumicins. The drug derives from the fermentation of tiacumicin metabolites from a soil isolate of the actinomycete Dactylosporangium aurantiacum, a Gram-positive bacterium. Scientists discovered fidaxomicin (known as lipiarmycin) in 1975, isolating the compound in pure form from Actinoplanes deccanensis. Researchers noted the antibiotic’s effectiveness in...

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