1. Lactate Levels at your tattoo tips!

    Lactate Levels at your tattoo tips!
    To lead a healthy lifestyle it is essential to eat healthy and exercise regularly. People who exercise regularly would often reach a point during their workout session, where they feel extremely exhausted and could not carry on any further. Fatigue sets in when lactate (a form of Lactic acid) builds up in the muscles. Lactic acid is an end product...
  2. Biomarkers in Latest Research (2016)

    Biomarkers in Latest Research (2016)
    Riveting research in the world of biomarkers suggests great potential for biomarkers both in clinical and laboratory settings. Below are recent studies and articles concerning biomarkers and their emerging relevance in science. Clara cell protein as a biomarker for ozone-induced lung injury in humans Ozone, a component of photochemical air pollution, has been shown to induce lung-related detrimental conditions, such...
  3. Protein Biomarkers: New Tools in Diagnostics and Drug Discovery

    Biomarkers today are used for diagnosis and disease detection, but capable of so much more. They can tell us when drugs are effective and safe, and when and for whom a precise therapy should be started.
  4. AG Scientific's Biochemical Biomarker and Diagnostic Tools

    AG Scientific's Biochemical Biomarker and Diagnostic Tools
    The ongoing discovery of disease-specific biomarkers is driving the demand for reliable antibodies to facilitate research in the biomedical field. Molecular biomarkers help to accelerate our understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of diseases. Cell-specific biomarkers play an important role in disease diagnosis, monitoring, prognosis and therapy with the added potential to identify individuals susceptible to disease. Over the...
  5. Unlocking New Diagnostic Tools from Diabetes

    In today’s modern world, the recent dramatic increase in the number of patients with type 2 diabetes indicates an unchecked global epidemic is at hand. In 2011 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that about 8.3% of the American population (25.8 million people) had diabetes—while 7 million were unaware of it.
  6. Neurological biomarkers in the perioperative period

    Delirium, cerebrovascular accidents, postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD), and spinal cord ischaemia are among the most devastating perioperative neurological outcomes. In an attempt to address these outcomes, it would be helpful to identify patients at risk, predict their short- and long-term outcomes, monitor them perioperatively, and possibly apply neuroprotective interventions aimed at improving such outcomes. There is no available methodology to...
  7. Why we should focus on Biomarkers for Diagnostic Test?

    AG Scientific, Inc. was founded in 1997 in San Diego, CA with the purpose of Accelerating Scientific Discoveryâ„¢. We produce the most innovative and highest quality biochemicals available to the life science research & biotech manufacturing communities. We pride ourselves on working with innovative researchers from breakthrough discovery to large scale manufacture.
  8. MicroRNAs: from single biomarkers to re-wired networks

    The complexity of higher organisms is regulated through the coordinated control of biological networks, including miRNAs. Computational networks have previously been generated using miRNA array data. For the first time, we have applied a similar approach to circulating miRNAs.
  9. Proteomics: Pathways and Biomarkers

    Proteomics Proteomics is about measuring proteins, and ideally, about measuring many of them. Not surprisingly, given the universal importance of proteins in biological systems and the variety of their properties when employed as machines, signals, structural materials, and food, proteomics has enabled real progress in many areas of biology while falling short in others. Fortunately, we are beginning to understand...

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