1. Calcium Ionophore CA 1001: Applications in Medical Devices

    Calcium Ionophore CA 1001: Applications in Medical Devices
    As a chemical ionophore, CA 1001 (Calcium Ionophore I) has proven to be a high-quality biochemical. Its high selectivity for calcium ions makes it a great option for use in applications requiring the detection of calcium. CA 1001 can be used in calcium detection medical devices as well as biological membrane transport studies. What is Calcium Ionophore CA 1001? Calcium...
  2. A23187: A Carboxylic Acid Antibiotic Which Simultaneously Uncouples Oxidative Phosphorylation and Inhibits ATPase

    OVERVIEW A23187 is a carboxylic acid antibiotic which simultaneously uncouples oxidative phosphorylation and inhibits ATPase of rat liver mitochondria incubated in a magnesium-free medium. The antibiotic acts as a freely mobile carrier to transport calcium and magnesium, but not potassium, from an aqueous medium buffered at pH 7.4 into a bulk organic phase. A23187 causes a progressive release of endogenous...

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