1. Cefsulodin Sodium: FAQs, Protocols and Applications

    Cefsulodin Sodium: FAQs, Protocols and Applications
    Cefsulodin is a semi-synthetic third generation cephalosporin antibiotic with a structure similar to penicillins and beta-lactams. Cefsulodin is used by the water and dairy industries to test the quality of their products. AG Scientific continues to provide top quality testing reagents and supplies to water and dairy producers around the world. This article includes a list of our FAQs regarding...
  2. Cefsulodin used in treatment of fungal meningitis

    1. Cefsulodin in the treatment of Pseudomonas meningitis Three patients with meningitis due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa (in one patient following a neurosurgical procedure and in two patients following severe head trauma with multiple skull bone fractures and liquorrhea) were treated with cefsulodin in combination with other antibiotics (aminoglycosides/acylureido penicillins). All of the patients were cured. Two patients received intraventricular administrations of aminoglycosides in addition to systemically applied antibiotics. After recurrence of pseudomonas meningitis in one patient in spite of the intraventricular application of an aminoglycoside, definite cure could only be obtained by additional intraventricular application of cefsulodin. The third patient was cured by systemic administration of cefsulodin and amikacin. The value of cefsulodin is discussed with reference to obtainable ventricular and lumbar CSF concentrations.

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