1. National Cancer Moonshot Initiative (2016) - Announced: Blue Ribbon Panel

    National Cancer Moonshot Initiative (2016) - Announced: Blue Ribbon Panel
    Themes the Blue Ribbon Panel will discuss in the coming months: cancer vaccines highly sensitive approaches to early detection advances in immunotherapy and combination therapies single cell genomic profiling of cancer cells and cells in the tumor microenvironment enhanced data sharing new approaches to treating pediatric cancers   The Blue Ribbon Panel as announced on April 4th 2016: Tyler Jacks...
  2. Aethlon's Dialyzer Removes Majority of Ebola from Blood

    Concern of spreading Ebola has been the hot topic in recent news. Latest reports on the disease involve the death of Dr. Martin Salia on Nov 17th 2014, a surgeon who contracted the virus whilst living in Sierra Leone, and who was flown to Nebraska to be treated.
  3. Exosome Analysis in Fruit Fly Reproduction

    Scientists at the University of Oxford have recently discovered the presence of exosomes in males' seminal fluid in Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) which helps to ensure their reproductive success with females [1].

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