1. Top 10 Antibiotic Resistant Infections

    Top 10 Antibiotic Resistant Infections
    Antibiotic resistant infections arise when bacteria and other microbes develop immunity against the drugs administered against them. Infections involving antibiotic-resistant strains grow stronger over time and become increasingly difficult to treat. According to CDC reports, over 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the US every year and have lead to a large number of fatalities. Bacteria naturally develop immunities over...
  2. Using Bicyclomycin to Treat Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections

    Using Bicyclomycin to Treat Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections
    Stating that antibiotics, first discovered in 1928 and commercially used by the 1940s, brought an unprecedented change to the world is not an overstatement. For decades now we have routinely cured illnesses and infections that were previously life-threatening. In recent years, however, bacterial infections have increasingly grown resistant to antibiotics. According to the CDC, approximately 2.8 million people each year...
  3. What is the Immunosuppressant Treatment?

    An immunosuppressant is any substance that performs immunosuppression of the immunedescribe the image system. They may be either exogenous, as immunosuppressive drugs, or endogenous, as, e. g., testosterone. When the immune system function is suppressed, there is an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases and cancers.

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