1. Differences Between Necrosis and Necroptosis

    Differences Between Necrosis and Necroptosis
    Cell death has traditionally been subdivided into regulated (apoptosis) and unregulated (necrosis) forms. While apoptosis has always been recognized to be a pathway of highly orchestrated signaling events, necrosis or necrotic cell death is known as a fortuitous and unregulated means of cell death that is induced by nonspecific and nonphysiological stress.
  2. VEGF-Mimetic Nanofibers for Ischemic Tissue Repair

    Researchers report on a new approach to treating ischemia based on the administration of nanofilaments carrying VEGF-mimetic peptides. The cell-free technology comprises self-assembling peptide amphiphile (PA) nanostructures that display high densities of the VEGF-mimetic peptides on their surface.

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