1. TCEP HCl vs DTT: Preferred Reducing Agents

    TCEP HCl vs DTT: Preferred Reducing Agents
    TCEP. HCl has the advantages of being odorless, a more powerful reducing agent, an irreversible reducing agent, more hydrophilic, and more resistant to oxidation in air. Near complete reduction of disulfide bonds. DTT is a protective agent for reducing –S-S TO SH groups. Used as a strong reducing agent for proteins and enzymes.
  2. Dithiothreitol aka Cleland's Reagent

    Dithiothreitol aka Cleland's Reagent
      Dithiothreitol or DTT is also known as Cleland’s Reagent. It contains two thiol groups and is commonly used to reduce disulfide bond in proteins. It can protect many thiol-containing biomolecules such as coenzyme A (Co-A), GSH (glutathione) from forming disulfide bonds. Not only does DTT scavenge the hydroxyl radical that attacks DNA and proteins, but also reacts with hydrogen...
  3. DTT (Dithiothreitol): Frequently Asked Questions

    For the last 18 years, AG Scientific has been a leading supplier of DTT, dithiothreitol, historically known as Cleland’s Reagent. We offer a range of catalog sizes, as well as, multi-kilogram quantities for bulk applications. Additionally, we provide a full service of bottling, sterile formulations, custom packaging, as well as, comprehensive private labeling capabilities.

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