1. Nanopore Electrochemistry: Single-Molecule Sensors

    Nanopore Electrochemistry: Single-Molecule Sensors
    A trend in modern scientific research over the past decade is using smaller & smaller methods of studying targets, like molecules. Independent, smaller devices, and less expensive methods allow more access for researchers across the board, regardless of their space and budget. One such analytical method is the creation of artificial nanopore sensors for research using nanopore electrochemistry. Capturing reactions...
  2. Top 10 Women in Molecular Biology

    Top 10 Women in Molecular Biology
    When you put the helmet on, it doesn't matter if you are woman or man: your mission is to compete to win. -- Milka Duno Below are notable women in STEM that have greatly impacted the scientific community with their efforts. These are the top 10 women in molecular biology. Rosalind Franklin Since the age of 15, Rosalind Franklin wanted...

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