Calmodulin (Agarose) 4B

  • Appearance:Clear solution
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Calmodulin (Agarose) 4B
1 ml
Calmodulin (Agarose) 4B
5 ml


Calmodulin-Separopore® 4B is used for affinity purification of calmodulin-binding proteins including calmodulin-regulated proteins in eukaryotic cells and recombinant proteins containing calmodulin-binding peptide fusion tag. Calmodulin binds proteins principally through their interactions with hydrophobic sites on its surface. These sites are exposed after a conformational change induced by the action of Ca2+ on separate Ca2+-binding site. The binding of enzymes may be enhanced if the enzyme substrate is present and enzyme substrate calmoldulin-Ca2+ complexes are particularly stable.


Technical specifications

  • Ligand: Calmodulin (Bovine)
  • Matrix: Separopore® 4B (agarose beads, 4 %)
  • Particle size range: 52 – 165 µm
  • Molecular weight range: 6 x 104 - 2 x 107
  • Matrix activation: Cyanogen bromide
  • Ligand density: ~ 1 mg calmodulin / ml drained gel
  • Matrix attachment: Amino
  • Matrix spacer: 1 atom
  • pH stability: 4 – 9
  • Storage: 2 – 8 °C
  • Chemical stability: Stable to all commonly used aqueous solutions
  • Physical stability: Negligible volume variation due to changes in pH or ionic strength
  • Supplied as suspension in 0.5M NaCl containing 0.02% thimerosal
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