CDI activated (Agarose) 4B

  • Appearance:Liquid Suspension
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CDI activated (Agarose) 4B
5 ml
CDI activated (Agarose) 4B
25 ml



  • Pre-activated medium for immobilization of ligands containing primary amines.
  • N, N`-Carbonyl diimidazole (CDI) mediated activation of Separopore® 4B matrix to allow coupling of the primary amino ligands by a stable amide bond formation.
  • No charge is introduced into the matrix after the coupling reaction.
  • No ligand leakage after coupling.
  • Superior stability: Activated matrix is much more resistant to hydrolysis.
  • Ideal for immobilization of large protein ligands such as antibodies as well as peptides and nucleic acids.
  • Coupling reaction can also be carried out in organic solvents.
  • High coupling efficiency and easy to handle.
  • CDI-activated Separopore® 4B is activated with CDI groups for covalent immobilization of proteins and other molecules that contain N-nucleophiles.


Technical specifications:


  • Group to be coupled: -NH2 groups
  • Matrix: Separopore® 4B (agarose beads, 4%)
  • Particle size range: 52 – 165 μm
  • Molecular weight range: 6 x 104 - 2 x 107
  • Coupling conditions: pH: 8.5 – 11, Temp: 4 – 25 °C, Time: 6 – 24 h
  • pH stability: 11 (ligand dependent)
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