Phosphatase inhibitors cocktails instantaneously inhibit the following: alkaline phosphatases, protein phosphatases 1, protein phosphatases 2A, protein tyrosine phosphatase, acid phosphatases, alkaline phosphatases, serine/theroninephosphatases, alkaline phosphatases.

Phosphatases remove phosphate groups from monophosphate esters, leaving a free hydroxyl group. Phosphatases play an important role in many signal transduction pathways, as the addition or removal of a phosphate group can activate or de-activate an enzyme, or allow a particular protein-protein interaction. Medical applications of various types of phosphatases range from regulation of gene expression to diagnostic testing for a variety of disorders including anemia, liver function, and various types of cancers.

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  1. COMP, Rat: Angiopoietin-1, Soluble, Human, Recombinant
    COMP, Rat: Angiopoietin-1, Soluble, Human, Recombinant

    Starting at $510.40

  2. Cyclosporin A
    Cyclosporin A

    Starting at $57.38

  3. Elastatinal | CAS 51798-45-9 | Irreversible Inhibitor | AG Scientific
    Elastatinal, Elastase Inhibitor

    Starting at $81.59

  4. Nafamostat Mesylate
    Nafamostat Mesylate

    Starting at $73.04

  5. Okadaic acid. Ammonium Salt, Prorocentrum concavum | CAS 155716-06-6
    Okadaic Acid, Ammonium Salt

    Starting at $130.43

  6. Okadaic Acid, Free Form
    Okadaic Acid, Free Form

    Starting at $130.43

  7. Okadaic Acid Potassium Salt chemical structure, Prorocentrum concavum | Tumor Promoter | CAS 155751-72-7 | AG Scientific, Inc.
    Okadaic Acid, Potassium Salt

    Starting at $130.43

  8. Okadaic Acid Sodium Salt, pp1 pp2 inhibitor | CAS 208266-80-8 |
    Okadaic Acid, Sodium Salt

    Starting at $130.43

  9. Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I | Inhibitors | AG Scientific
    Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I

    Starting at $70.01

  10. Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail II | Prevents dephosphorylation | AG Sci
    Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail II, Solution

    Starting at $70.01

  11. Protease Inhbitor A, PIA 100x (Custom product)
    Protease Inhbitor A, PIA 100x (Custom product)

    Starting at $60.64

  12. Protease Inhibitor Cocktail I | AEBSF,Aprotinin, E-64, EDTA,Leupeptin
    Protease Inhibitor Cocktail I

    Starting at $40.78

  13. Protease Inhibitor Cocktail III | Inhibitors | AG Scientific
    Protease Inhibitor Cocktail III

    Starting at $57.05

  14. Protease Inhibitor Cocktail V, EDTA-free | Inhibitors | AG Scientific
    Protease Inhibitor Cocktail V, EDTA-Free

    Starting at $52.17

  15. Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VI, DETA-Free | AG Scientific, Inc.
    Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VI, EDTA-Free

    Starting at $40.78

  16. Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VIII | Cysteine Protease | AG Scientific
    Protease Inhibitor Cocktail VIII

    Starting at $69.92

  17. Serine Protease Inhibitor Cocktail I inhibits serine proteases contains AEBSF. HCl, 420 nM Aprotinin, 20 µM Elastatinal and 1µM GGACK.
    Serine Protease Inhibitor Cocktail I

    Starting at $99.70

  18. TCEP HCI chemical structure | CAS 51805-45-9 | Disulfide Reducing Agent | AG Scientific, Inc.
    TCEP Hydrochloride

    Starting at $41.73

  19. Turbocharged Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail
    Turbocharged Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail

    Starting at $93.22

  20. Turbocharged Protease Inhibitor Cocktail
    Turbocharged Protease Inhibitor Cocktail

    Starting at $93.22

  21. YPAC Cocktail Set | Maintain pluripotency of embryonic stem cells | PD0325901
    YPAC Cocktail Set (1000X), Sterile-Filtered

    Starting at $276.64


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