ISO Certifications

AG Scientific has maintained an ISO 9001 certified facility since 2005 and acquired ISO 13485 certification in 2020. These certifications indicate our commitment to upholding high international ISO standards for quality assurance & consistency in all aspects of business. 


ISO Benefits

An ISO certified management system gives us more order and structure to the benefit of our customers through the quality of our products and service.

• Better quality products and service

• Organized processes, minimizing mistakes

• Improves the efficiency of processes

• Improves reporting and communications

• More reliable production scheduling and delivery

• Continual improvement

• Standards maintained by annual assessments


Why download these documents?

• Provides immediate validation of supplier

• Confirms quality management standards and practices in place

• Accreditation guarantees reliability and consistency

• Confirms the company operates with high ethical standards

• Having this document on file is required by many manufacturers.


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