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Concanamycin A, 100 UG

Price$ 233.05
  • SKU: C-1057-100UG
  • Pack Size: 100 UG


866.1 Da


Soluble in DSMO



Concanamycin A is an antibiotic and a highly potent and specific cell-permeable inhibitor of V-ATPases that allows to rapidly inactivate this proton pump in living cells. Concanamycin A is more potent specific inhibitor than Bafilomycin A1. Inhibits the acidification of organelles including lysosomes and the Golgi apparatus. Concanamycin A is reported to block cell surface expression of viral glycoproteins without affecting synthesis. Exhibits cytotoxic effects in a number of cell lines in a cell viability assay. Studies have shown that Concanamycin A can cause apoptosis in Human oral squamous carcinoma cells.


Concanamycin A can be used for viral entry studies, it inhibites syncytium formation without affecting glycoprotein synthesis.


Isolated from Streptomyces sp.

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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