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3'-Ethoxy-spinosyn L, 1 MG

Price$ 361.82
  • SKU: S-2791-1MG
  • Pack Size: 1 MG




Soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF or DMSO



3'-Ethoxyspinosyn L is the minor component in the second generation spinosyn family of bio-insecticides marketed as Spinetoram. 3'-Ethoxyspinosyn L is a semi-synthetic compound prepared by selective ethylation and hydrogenation of Spinosyn L, itself a fermentation product from a biosynthetically blocked mutant of Saccharopolyspora spinosa. As an insecticide, 3'-ethoxyspinosyn L is considered more potent and to have earlier onset and longer duration of action than combinations of spinosyn A and D.


Not for human therapeutic use or for medicinal purposes. For research applications only.

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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