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Thiostrepton, Thiazole-containing peptide antibiotic, 5 G

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  • SKU: T-1202-5GM
  • Pack Size: 5 G




Soluble in DMSO (15 mg/mL) and chloroform (5 mg/mL)



Thiostrepton is a thiazole-containing peptide antibiotic from Streptomyces. It is generally used for Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and is employed as a selective marker for recombinant DNA/plasmid technologies.

The thiazole antibiotic inhibits protein synthesis by preventing binding of elongation factor G (EF-G) and GTP to 50S ribosomal subunit and affects the function of initiation factor IF2.

Thiostrepton has shown anticancer properties such as induction of apoptosis and suppression of cell growth in human cancer cells. For example, it blocks expression of FoxM1-regualted genes and thus suppresses the transcription factor, FoxM1, which is related to cell proliferation and commonly overexpressed in tumor cell lines. This antibiotic arrests cell cycle at G1 and S phases and induces cell death in cancer cells.



• Selective marker for recombinant DNA/plasmid technology

• Protein synthesis inhibitor

• Inhibition of FoxM1 expression in cancer cells



“Thiostrepton selectively targets breast cancer cells through inhibition of forkhead box M1 expression”

“Thiostrepton: A ribosomal inhibitor of translocation”

“The transcription factor FOXM1 is a cellular target of the natural product thiostrepton”

“Initiation Factor IF2, Thiostrepton and Micrococcin Prevent the Binding of Elongation Factor G to the Escherichia coli Ribosome”


Not for human therapeutic use or for medicinal purposes. For research applications only.

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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