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CA 1001, 25 MG

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  • SKU: E-2026-25MG
  • Pack Size: 25 MG

CA 1001; Eth 1001; Calcium ionophore; (−)-(R,R)-N,N'- Bis-[11-(ethoxycarbonyl)undecyl]-N,N′,4,5- tetramethyl3,6-dioxaoctane-diamide; Diethyl N,N'-[(4R,5R)-4,5- dimethyl-1,8-dioxo-3,6-dioxaoctamethylene]bis(12- methylaminododecanoate)




DMSO; Ethanol


CA 1001 (Calcium Ionophore I) is neutral with very high selectivity for Ca2+ ions. CA 1001 determines Ca2+ activity in membrane electrodes and is utilized for transport studies in biological membranes. Custom manufactured bulk quantities are in stock.


  • IVD & Medical devices: calcium detection
  • Transport studies within biological membranes


0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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