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Caspase-9 Fluorometric Assay kit, 25 ASSAYS

Price$ 205.19
  • SKU: C-1417-25ASSAYS
  • Pack Size: 25 ASSAYS



Capsase-9 flurometric assays use flurometric excitation to detect AFC which has been separated from the supplied LEHD-AFC substrate. LEHD-AFC which has not been separated fluoresces with a blue color, while AFC on its own fluoresces as yellowish-green.


This capsase-9 flurometric assay kit is a laboratory assay that can be used in the detection of apoptosis in mammalian species. It can also be used to distinguish between apoptosis and necrosis. This kit contains DTT, the LEHD-AFC substrate, cell lysis buffer and two reaction buffers. The procedure involved in using the capsase-9 flurometric assay kit requires only one step, and the process can be completed within 1-2 hours.


• Fluorescence: 400 nm excitation filter, 505 nm emission filter
• Reacts with mammalian species
• Includes: Cell lysis buffer, 2X reaction buffer, LEHD-AFC (1 mM), DTT (1 M)


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Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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