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Decontaminase™, 5 KU

Price$ 100.59
  • SKU: B-1400-5KU
  • Pack Size: 5 KU




Decontaminase™ (binuclease endonuclease) is synthesized from yeast cells with cloned gene encoding genetically engineered Serratia marcescens endonuclease. Decontaminase™ is an ideal alternative to Benzonase. It digests all forms of DNA and RNA, including single and double-stranded, linear, circular, and supercoiled.

Cleaves phosphodiester bond of nucleic acids. Produces 5' monophosphate terminated oligonucleotides 2-5 bases in length.




• Removes nucleic acids in biological products
• Reduces viscosity in cell lysates
• Pharmaceutical industry: eliminate nucleic acid contamination in vaccines and proteins
• Bioanalytical applications: ELISA sample preparation, chromatography, two-dimensional electrophoresis (protein mapping), and footprint analysis for improved resolution and increased sample recovery.



• E.C.:
• pH: 6-10, optimum pH 8.0
• Optimum temperature: 37ºC
• Temperature range of enzyme activity: 0-42ºC
• Specific activity: ≥ 1,000 kU / mg protein
• No products of animal origin used, no viral contamination
• Endotoxin free and protease free. Stable under harsh industrial conditions.
• Activators: 1~10 mM Mg2+


Unit Definition

One unit of Decontaminase™ will digest sonicated salmon sperm DNA to produce acid-soluble oligonucleotides equivalent to a ΔA260nm of 1.0 in 30 minutes at pH 8.0 at 37ºC.



• ≥ 20 kU/mg lyophilized powder
• ≥ 250 U/μL buffered aqueous glycerol solution


Not for human therapeutic use or for medicinal purposes. For research applications only.

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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