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Pyruvate Oxidase, 5 KU

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Pyruvate oxidase (E.C. is originated from Aerococcus viridans and used as a component of screen-printed phosphate biosensor for monitoring phosphate concentrations in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system. It consumes phosphate in the presence of pyruvate and oxygen and generates hydrogen peroxide, carbon dioxide and acetylphosphate.

The enzyme is a flavoprotein with the relatively tightly bound cofactors flavin adenine dinucleotide, thiamine pyrophosphate, and a divalent metal ion, with Mn2+ being the most effective.

Activity: 40 units/mg powder. One unit is defined as amount of enzyme required to generate 1umol of H202 per minute at 37C, pH 6.5. Contaminate info: Glutamate oxalacetate transaminase (GOT) 002% by activity; Glutamate pyruvate transaminase (GPT) 006% by activity; Lactate Oxidase 002% by activity; Catalase not detectable.



• Study of aerobic metabolism of bacteria

• Used for enzymatic determination of AST and ALT

• Used to monitor phosphate concentration in SBR system


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• “Purification and biochemical characterization of pyruvate oxidase from Lactobacillus plantarum”

• “A screen-printed biosensor using pyruvate oxidase for rapid determination of phosphate in synthetic wastewater”

• “Role of the divalent metal cation in the pyruvate oxidase reaction.”


Not for human therapeutic use or for medicinal purposes. For research applications only.

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Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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