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LB Broth 1 Gram Buffered Capsules, 500 G

Price$ 163.01
  • SKU: B-2603-500GM
  • Pack Size: 500 G


Room Temperature


LB Broth in convenient premeasured and pre-mixed capsules. Prebuffered media eliminates pH adjustments, dust and smells from the lab. For propagation and maintenance of E.Coli. Low Salt Formula. Molecular Biology Grade.


Add 20 capsules per liter of water. Heat and stir until capsule is completely dissolved. Buffer is set for 7.2 at 20°C using a 10mM solution of TRIS/TRIS HCl. Sterilize by autoclaving for 15 minutes.


• Tryptone: 10 g/L
• Yeast Extract: 5 g/L
• Sodium Chloride: 5 g/L

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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