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PathwayReady™ JAK/STAT Signaling Inhibitor Panel, 8 INHIBITORS

Price$ 995.00
  • Pack Size: 8 INHIBITORS

See under the individual product

See under the individual product


A convenient set consisting of eight inhibitors useful for studying JAK/STAT signaling pathway. The inhibitors are: 5 mg of AG 490 (Cat. No. 1570-5), 5 mg of CP-690550 (Cat. No. 1622-5), 500 g of Lestaurtinib (Cat. No. 1805-500), 5 mg of LLL12 (Cat. No. 1792-5), 50 mg of Pimozide (Cat. No. 1887-50), 5 mg of Stat3 Inhibitor, S3I-201 (Cat. No. 1775-5), 5 mg of Stat3 Inhibitor, Celll-Permeable (Cat. No. 1778-1), and 5 mg of WP1066 (Cat. No. 1809-5).

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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